Dream: Few questions from a heavenly figure


Assalam o Alaikom Wr Wb,

I had this dream around 3 years ago.

Me, my elder brother and two younger sisters were alongwith this heavenly figure.
I felt if he was Allah (AWJ) …. and sometimes I felt if he was Jibrael (AS)

We asked few questions:

Elder brother: Who’ll be going to Jannah ?
Answer comes: In Jannah, Most people will be old aged one from Sarhad (a province in pakistan)

Me: Are there seven Jannahs ? (i.e. separate)
Answer: (pause for a while) … No, its one. But there are levels (like stairs).

(After that, the heavenly figure pointed towards my two younger sisters) … These are angels.

A lot many other questions i asked in the dream but forgot :(


`Alaykum as-Salam,
Allah Most High in His Book in more than 60 places mentions “Paradises” in the plural and He also gave their different names, indicating that there is more than one. This is further explained in the many hadiths that were collected in the books devoted to the description of Paradise. Finally Mawlana many times said there is an endless number of different Paradises. May Allah Most High grant it to you and us.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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