Dream: Flying with senior murids


(1) There is a gathering of non-Muslims who wanted to know about Islam. We were worried that the Muslim people will drive them away from Islam because of their harsh approach. Then a very senior-murid of sultanul-Awliya came and spoke very nicely; then led his own funeral prayer. I think Mawlana Shaykh Hisham was there at some point. There was plenty of food for everybody and everybody was happy.
(2) Again I dreamt of this very senior, elderly-murid flying high in the air. Then he flew higher into space where it is not normal to fly. All the while I was flying too. I was a little scared when he went so high but I continued to fly higher as well. I was holding a bowl of cumin seeds for some reason, as if this is what made us fly. Back on terra firma, I was sitting with his elderly wife and she said, “I like living with him like this – both retired.” Became aware that there was some danger in the regular flying space which is why we had to fly so high in space. Thank you for interpreting.


A Prophetic dream that aptly mirrors our times, when the norm has become extremism and when moderateness signs the speaker’s death warrant, hence he leads his own funeral prayer. It points to the rule that one has to die before one dies in order to leave the lower world behind. Flying shows spiritual progress as the benefit of suhba. Cumin signifies property by which all property becomes fragrant and pure i.e. the result
of zakat and sadaqa and the essence of halal income.

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