Dream: From my chest


Long before I ever heard about spirituality, I went for Hajj. In Medina, I used to greet the Prohet(SAW) every morning and evening. One morning I was too tired and left the mosque straight after fajr solaah. While I was sleeping, a man surrounded by light approached me and held out his hand. He had such attraction/love that when I touched his hand, my soul wanted to go with him and started to leave my body. He did not want this and ordered my soul to remain. Instead, a small particle of light came out from my chest and into his hand. He then left. Who is the man and what is it that he took from me?


Alhamdulillah for these wonderful events. Insha-Allah the Prophet appeared to you spiritually because of your love.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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