Dream: Jumping off from the step and unhurt


Assalamu alaikkum warahmathullahi wabarakathhu,
Dear Shaykh,
It was Friday night (just got back from Thursday Khatm in Bangkok) and I went to sleep. I dreamt after Fajr prayer sleep. I had a dream of myself and my uncle coming down together in a circled steps, we stopped at a point where there is no more steps. So it was me who first jumped and landed unhurt. Next, my uncle jumped and he got sprain on his backside neck and I walked him to the hospital. I woke up after this. Please Read below:
We have just met in Bangkok after a long time and Insha Allah we both have mutually agreed to start a new business in Bangkok. Today, we have fixed up time to go for a company registration and I had some dream like this so I thought I would just get some clarification from Your Highness.



Alaykum as-Salam,
Jumping points to a trip and sprain is a difficulty encountered therein.
Give sadaqa and trust in Allah Most High.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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