Dream: Maulana and Dajjal (i think)



May Allah bless you all inshallah.
I had a dream last night (new years) and I remember it vaguely. There were four people standing in a circle. Myself , MSN and two people, one big and small in motorbike helmets (I think they were the Dajjal). Me and Mawlana were talking and then fighting them. We got the small one on the floor. I was going to pull off the helmet, but Maulana said, ‘no, because if people see only this one they will think he is God’. After Maulana took me outside and told me to pray something. As I prayed I was crying a lot. Later in the dream I remember recalling the dream to someone else. Then I woke up.


wa `alaykum salam,

That dream explains itself. You, with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s help, fighting your own bad desires. The Dajjal is anything we do wrong, and anything we do good is under Allah swt name. So you are trying to fight your ego and you put that ego down. Mawlana said, “don’t open his helmet, as they will think he is god”, meaning they will understand that  your ego has control over you. So try to reduce its control. You are not the only one who has ego controlling them. Some of us put it down and some leave it free. Don’t leave it free. Try to exercise power on your ego, because ego can come in many different ways to make you unhappy in your life. Some people get ego saying, “this person has a car, why don’t I have a car?” So you will be disturbed all your life to get a car like him. You might steal and kill to get money. And some people say, “why does this one have a beautiful wife and I don’t?” Why does this one have a cute hsuband and I don’t havea cute husband? Why does this one have a handsome fiancee and I don’t have a handsome fiancee? Why did this one get engaged when he is 16 and i didn’t get engaged and I am 17? They come in all kinds of ways to make you miserable. Surrender to Allah’s Will.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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