Dream: Met the Prophet (saw)


I had a very strange dream where I was in a room and a person was praying. Another person beside me tells me,  “that’s the Prophet (saw)”. I was slightly surprised because the Prophet didn’t look like anything I’d imagined him to look like (according to the sirah). I went to meet the Prophet and shook hands with him but with a little difficulty. I felt very emotional, almost crying, asking Prophet to help guide me to the right path (can’t remember exactly what I said). I really don’t know if it really was the Prophet I had met or if it was my mind playing tricks. The Prophet looked like a very ordinary person and nothing like how I would imagine the Prophet would look like.


What you saw is real, but you saw him different from the shama’il, what sirah say. It depends on the level you are in. As Sayyidina `Uwais al-Qarani saw him different from what other sahaba saw. It depends on the `amal you are doing. But seeing him (s) is an honor. Any way you see him it is an honor and an indication to you that  you have to increase your piety and sincerity more to see a brighter  picture that would reflect the reality more to you. We can add more that seeing the Prophet (s) in a dream saves you from 7 difficulties in dunya and 7 in akhira.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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