Dream: mosque visit de ja vous


In the mosque cutting the grass and the gates are being closed by the present caretakers. I go inside the mosque, my mum sees a lady with red laced scarf on her head. I see her too. My mum asks me is she wearing lace I say yes. Another voice also confirms this in my dream. Then all of a sudden I see three groups of people in masks , first group is adults who are dancing in pairs with masks on, in the same place there are younger people who are for some reason very fearful of their actions and I see one man put his hands on his ears. Suddenly a man says who wants sweets and the third group which are kids come out to eat the sweets, a voice says yes for sweets. If it was food I would understand. What exactly does this dream mean?


Cutting grass at the mosque means cutting out bad habits from yourself. The red lace represents your kind heart. The people in masks are hypocrites . They say they are Muslim but inside really they are not sincere. The young people are fearful of learning from insincere people. The sweets represent spiritual knowledge.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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