Dream: Nightmare, Dogs attack


What do my dreams mean? Has someone done black magic on me? Please interpret!

Dream1: Walking outside with classmate and friend when suddenly a dog bits me (right foot). Think my mother helped me to remove it from my foot. Few minutes pass; same dog runs towards me and bits me again (left foot). I’m saying; take it of, it hurts/burns. This time I’m sure that my mother helps me. The dog broke my whole shoes in the middle.

Dream2: Was watching TV outside (garden). Program finished and I was heading to the wc. Thought to myself “it’s no good to be out at night but I am home so it’s ok”when something (think, black dog) jumped over fence and attacked me (my leg). I thought “shouldn’t panic/move much so that it wouldn’t harm me even more” then I woke up.

I’ve also dreamt that people are chasing me.



1. If your mother offers you good advice take it, it will protect you from nafs and shaytan.

2. Keep yourself for Allah and His Prophet (sws) i.e zikr and meditation. Make sure to sleep on wudu and pray Quls.

Kamau Ayyubi

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