Dream: One after the other Still Shaken up


Im in a dessert, behind a weak wall. I see beyond the wall where i have to go. I also see a women in red cloak behind other walls on my far left ahead of me.beyond my wall on my far right is cattle fencing going straight meeting another wall parallel to mine. Im trying to be hidden so my intention is to go to that wall discreet. I duck runing along side the fence , untill i reach the wall. my knife drops. The women hears it and alerts people beyond the fencing to capture me, They are wearing black cloaks with a nijab. I run back to my first wall but get caught and i fight but they shoot magic with their tongues and i froze. Then the gathered around me and i woke up.


Dunya and its people are trying to enslave your  soul. Your current defenses are not adequate to fight it off. If you have no master or tariqah, we recommend you join one and attend their weakly dhikr, and recite every day 100 x “audu Billahi mina Shaytani Rajeem Bismillahir-Rahmani Raheem”.

Ali Elsayed

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