Dream: Pears and Young Mawlana


Salaam Sheikh Hisham and the magnificent team. I dreamt that my cousin and I were called by a young Sheikh Nazim (q) to follow him. It seemed like it was after the Asar prayer. He took us into his room and sat us down opposite him. He then took a tin of pears, opened it and gave us a slice each to eat. All of a sudden, a spider was crawling around my cousin trying to bite him, but couldn’t. It then leaped towards me but I too felt it was unlikely to do me any harm. Please can you clarify the meaning of this dream, especially the relevance of the feeding of pears?
May Allah swt bless us with the infinite guidance from our special Sultan, our Teacher, Master, Guide and Purifier. Loving regards


`Alaykum salam
After asr, similar to after fajr, is a time of dhikr when Mawlana directs his spiritual gaze to murids to enforce spiritual support. Gifts are distributed like fruit which is rizq. The famous spider wove a cover over the cave of baya` during hijrah, which means protection. This implies that you are to Mawlana as Abu Bakrin as-Siddiq (r) is to Holy Prophet upon him and them be blessings and peace.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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