Dream: Perfume from turban?
Perfume from turban?


I was upstairs in the dergah on Mawlana Sh. Hisham’s home. Sitting there, Mawlana came upstairs along with everyone. Mawlana was about to start talking, so my father told me to turn on the speaker system for the microphone. I turned it on, then sat next to the mimbar. While listening, a friend’s small daughter runs by. She goes up the mimbar and grabs a turban that is sitting on a pedestal up there. Coming back down, she hands it to her father and then he hands it to me to put it back. I go up and put the turban on the pedestal. When I put it down a drop of some liquid, which I presume was perfume, fell out of it onto my hand. I go back down and sit. Then wake up. Thank you in advance.


Try to wear a turban, at least in your prayer. Insha-Allah that will be safety and blessings for you.

Ali Elsayed

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