Dream: Fighting along side Prophet s.a.w.


Asalamualyakum wr wb, Mawlana I had a dream in which everyone has turned into zombies who eat humans and infect them. I got infected but i was with Rasullallah saw. We were fighting against them with swords and me and him were together through out 90% of it. He was brave and saved me multiple times. He was quiet though, he didn’t speak once. After that we were on a train with a small group of people and I was crying on the train to Allah and asking for Rasulallahs saw wasilah. We then got to a small apartment and my family was there with us but my dad and a small group of Muslims with Rasulallah saw.


It Is good tidings for you and inshAllah you will see Rasullah here and here after conquering your ego by his wasilah.

Wallahu alam

Kamau Ayyubi

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