Dream: Rasullulah (saws) and Abu Talib (ra)


AbuTalib (ra) was passed away on a slab before burial. The place was white marble. I went to see him with some people. I was climbing onto a platform because the slab was elevated, my legs and body were shaking and I had a walking stick I was leaning on. I was scared and barely managed to get onto the platform. I couldn’t look at him well, because of similar reason to above, but saw him once then turned my head. He was white and had white hair and beard. I said, “he’s a Muslim”, and people said, “yes don’t you know”. I said, “obviously he must be a Muslim”. I said “he respected you” to Holy Prophet who was behind me on my right. What does it mean if you feel Rasullulah (s) presence or see an outline of him often in a dream, but actually see him clearly rarely.


You are a “seeker after something” (talib) and the staff represents someone with power or wealth and influence who will see that you get what you want. Fear and trembling indicate safety and repentence. Feeling the presence of Rasulullah (upon him blessings and peace) signifies his support here and hereafter insha-Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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