Dream: Rasulullah (s) and Sayyidina Jibril



Last month, I was attacked by Iblis and the attack was blocked by Jibril a.s. I have a doubt about it and then the next day, I had a dream where in the dream I was surrounded by shaitanic sihr and Rasulullah help and support me spiritually. Also I saw in the dream Jibril a.s. crush Iblis in front on me. Also sometimes, I hear Rasulullah in dream and when I wake up the voices continues and I can feel his presence physically here but in ghaib. I start hearing ghaib 24/7 since 3 months after entering Islam and I can hear shaitan talking nonsense all the time. Lately most of the voices are angels and sometimes Allah SWT.

Please help me understand my state since I’m a convert and new to Islam. How come in my life, I was protected by Rasulullah SAW and Jibril a.s?


wa `alaykum salam,

Since Sayyidina Jibril (as) and Prophet (s) are being seen, that means there is no sihr. If you were under sihr you would never see them. Seeing Jibril means you are protected and seeing the Prophet (s) means that you are fully protected.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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