Dream: Reading from Quran


Assalam u alayekum Syyedi Sheikh Hisham!
I have asked the interpretation of this dream 2,3 times already but haven’t been able to know the interpretation yet. I saw this dream some 3 months ago that Iwas reading from Quran (not reciting aloud) and when I finished reading I saw my name on the last page in the bottom left corner written in red in such a manner that my middle name (Ali) was written under my First name (Hussain) and my last name (Shah) was under my middle name.
What is the interpretation of this dream syyedi.
Shukran syyedi.


audhu billah mina ‘sh-shaytani ‘r-rajeem,

Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem,

wa `alaykum salam,

Insha-Allah from the blessing of Sayyidina Ali (as), Sayyidina Husayn (as), and Sayyidina Shah Naqshband (q), you will receive knowledge of the meaning of Holy Quran to your heart.

Dr. Karim Tourk

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