Remembering death daily



Since the death of my father, I start having dreams daily. The dreams are long, full of symbols. I cannot even know if they are good of bad. I just feel that they need to be explained.

In one dream, I got the interpretation that I need to remember death every day. Since the death of my father, I think of him everyday and of death itself. Alhamdoullilah, I was patient but the sorrow is still great in my heart. I also have seen myself about to die in a sajeda while praying in a car….. The thing is I am trying to find out a way to live my life and to prepare of course myself for death. I find difficult however to forget death.

On the other hand, I get very tired because of the dreams themselves. My life is really affected.

Jazakoum Allah khayer


wa `alaykum salam,

Remembering death is the cause for everything good, so mabruk, you are in the best situation where you cannot forget death. That state will lead you insha-Allah to wilayah (sainthood), so don’t try to change it. the Prophet (s) said, “Remember often hadim al-lazhat, the destroyer of all pleasures (ie death).”

To relieve the intensity of that feeling, recite salawat more, and Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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