Dream: Repetitive dreams


Salaam, I pray you are all well. Ameen. Many thanks for this great chance, Allah bless you eternally. Ameen

Please can you let me know what it would mean to dream continously about
1. Looking in clear mirrors while applying kohl to the eyes,
2. Travelling via aeroplanes, cars, trains and other modes of transport and flying
3. Attending relatives’ and friends’ weddings (whom are already married in reality) wearing silken clothes.

The above three dreams I have been seeing nearly everyday for the last few weeks…

I am a woman in my thirties and married without children.
I am so grateful for your reply. Allah bless you with His Infinite Kindness, we are only coming to know through Allah’s Mercy that He loves us more than we can imagine…Allah bless you and grant our beloved Shaykhs a long happy healthy and a nearness to Allah life. Ameen.


wa `alaykum salam,

Kohl in dream indicates income and keener spiritual insight. Travel means the same thing because the Arabic word for travel is safar which means to uncover, and if one is poor it means income. Dreaming of your married friends getting married indicates they are under special Divine care and so are you.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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