Dream: Ring and money from RasulAllah (sawaws)


I once had dreamed that I was with some people and talking on religious issue. Suddenly someone came and give me money.. Kinda lots of money, in USA dollar. I’m not American but Asian, living in Asia too. He said to me, “here the prophet gave you the money”. Iwas a bit surprised and asked who sent this. Then I get up to get the person. I went to him and asked about it. I saw he have many jewelleries that should be given to people from  Prophet. The man was wearing white disdasha and  cloth like Saudis covering his head but in white color. I can’t see his face but he then give me a ring. Golden ring with ruby stone on it. I was happy and wear it and bring it home and tell my father about it and show the ring and the money to him.


If you have a plan to make business it will be successful. And Allah knows best.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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