Dream: sajda with angels


I had a dream that i was leading a sajda in front of something-i could not really see it and there were hundreds of angels around me who were also doing sajda, but then some angels got me up and told me to go back and that it was not my time yet and i cried so hard and begged to stay there but dragged me said that i could not as it was not my time yet. I woke up crying and i have been longing for the same dream again. Every time i close my eyes i remember it and become upset as i wish to go there again. I have tried reading the same that i read on that day every day however it has not come back. Am i wrong in asking for this dream again? Please help


If one sleeps with wudu their soul prostrates at the foot of the Throne and the angels ask forgiveness for them. Then it goes back to the body as long as it is not their life term to expire yet. It is a good dream and it is appropriate to be thankful for it.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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