Salatul Fatihi


I am in an old stone church. The Prophet SAW is there and his face is obscured by noor. He leaves and a demon enters and begins throwing objects, one of which is a golden chalice with jewels in it. The Salatul Fatihi drives away the demon instantly.


A blessed dream for seeing the Prophet (s), according to our Mashaykh al-Kiraam, means safety at seven tremendously difficult situations in this life and seven in the Heareafter.

It means those who leave Salawat on the Prophet (s) will be attacked non-stop by demons and devils, which will destroy their religion (the golden chalice). Those who hold to Salawat are saved, especially Salatul-Fatih, and salawat on Prophet (s) has the power to bring all Christians into Islam in the Last Days, and Allah knows best.

Taher Siddiqui

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