Dream: Saw Sheikh Mehmet and I have never met him


Aslamo Aleikum Mawlana Shaykh Kabbani,
I saw a dream where I am at a place that appears to be the bottom of graves, but the base is finished neatly and in pale coloured stone. The entrance is of lower height and as the rows of graves continue the height ascends as if rounded or domed. I am being asked by Sheikh Mehmet to go inside and collect rose petals (pale pink) that have fallen from some of the grave bases that are open. I am not aware of anyone else present, I think I have been inside once and when asked again I politely refuse as I am afraid. I am told by Sheikh Mehmet that I must now collect butterflies that will appear from some of the bases, he has a bag in his hand, it is green and lush around.
What does this mean?

Wa Salam


Wa `alaykum salam,

It means that insha-Allah, Allah swt makes your grave rawdatan min riyad al-janna and you will be happy there collecting the jewels of knowledge.

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