Dream: Sayyidina Mahdi and Sayyidina Isa as


Salam alaikum Shaykh.

I had two dreams. I saw in my dream that I was standing near a plane waiting to go and see Imam Mahdi a.s. Then I tell everyone around me that I am going to him.

In 2008, I also saw a second dream where I saw a number 6. Then I saw a bright white/blue light from the sky spreading to the earth. I was told this is Mahdi a.s. Then I saw another similar light where I was told this is Isa a.s. Then I was shown the earth divided between two lights ,a white/blue light and a red light. Then the two lights collided against each other.

Could you interpret these dreams. Jazakallah


wa `alaykum salam,

Plane represents spiritual meanings and Akhira, the two lights clashing
represent the great Battle which is one of the major Signs before
Resurrection, and the number 6 may point to the year 2014 i.e. 2008 + 6.

And Allah knows best,

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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