Dream: Shaykh Nazim in my house


salam, I’m in Saudia Arabia.I saw Shk Nazim, & many saints came to our house, as Shk entered he saw up and said ” La-Haula-Wa-La... ” and I saw souls got burnt. Shk Nazim said you did very good as you called me to your home by the grace of Allah andyo u all recovered very much ( since we have problems and spl my mother , she has very ill health since last 17 yrs). I asked Shk Nazim to make us mureed in the Naqshbandi Tareeqa. The same day my friend send a parcel to my home in India which had “Naqshabndi Book of Devotion “, stickers of ” Bismillah“, ” durood “, ” Naqshbandi Taweez-Divine court,pic of Shk Nazim, when I told my family the dream they were very surprised since I didn’t know that this parcel came the same day.


wa `alaykum salam,
Hamdulillah and shukr.
Hajj Gibril Haddad

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