Sheikh Hisham and Sheikh Nazim in dream


Sh Hisham and Sh Nazim sitting on corners of the bed and me,opposite 2 them on the floor.Very large thick loaf like is in front of them. Sh Hisham smiles, gives me bite of that from his side, i refuse and insist him to eat instead. Sh Nazim crying, blood flowing as tears


The presence of the Shaykhs on the corners of the bed represents their spiritual gaze’s encompassment of the murid’s intimacy.

The loaf is the rizq from dunya of which we have much more than enough and still we worry and want more to store.

The refusal to eat from the hand of the Shaykh symbolizes our common delusion that we are still the host in control when in fact we have always been the helpless guest, pauper and stranger who have lost his way, even in our own house. It impedes our acquisition of beneficial knowledge from them. “The Shaykh in the East is with the Murid in the West without obstacle as long as the latter keeps the way clean between them” (Shah Naqshband).

Whoever sees bread in large quantity but does not eat from it may receive the visit of brethren and friends soon in sha Allah.

Mawlana’s tears represent our own suffering which they take on, as bread, which is the blessing of sustenance, is also punishment because it has been touched by fire, but they carry that for us all the time.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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