Dream: Son and a lady


AOA Ya Sheikh,

I have seen a bad dream that my elder son (14 yr) is lying on floor and a lady is trying to do bad thing with him. I saw a male sexual organ also. My son is pious and try to pray regularly but I am so afraid now. Please interpret and pray for him also.


wa `alaykum salam,

Even the most pious person is subject to lust and therefore you must help your son in this regard by explaining the process of puberty and that the only legal and permitted venue for expressing sexuality is through marriage and that many forces will attempt to seduce him but holding fast to our faith will be his best support. Make sure he knows he can come to you for help in this area if he is suffering from it, and let him know when he gets a bit older you will make sure to assist him finding a suitable wife.

Our master teaches us that our youth should get engaged at a very young age to a suitable match, as a protection (ghad al-basar) for them, until they are of age to marry (and that should also be when young, not waiting until they have degree, job and home, etc.) Rather facilitate marriage and thereby prevent fornication which inevitably will lead youth far from Islam.

Taher Siddiqui

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