Dream: Soul being taken out


I had a dream that I saw two black figures, I couldn’t see there faces, they flashed before my eyes and disappeared. Then I started to go up as in my soul was coming out of my body and I thought I was awake because it was happening exactly where I was sleeping in the exact place so it really scared me thinking my soul is out.
I was scared to look back to see my own body laying there. I tried hard to open my eyes but they didn’t open and then it just went back down fast like something went back in me and I woke up really scared what does this mean?



As Salaam alaikum,

Make sure that you recite before sleeping the three Quls and resign
your soul to Allah at the time of sleep. InshaAllah these were angels showing you the
reality of the soul in when it is separated from the body.

Wallahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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