Dream: Stepping forward for imamat for prayer


assallam o alaikum,
I had a dream where I am standing in masjid ready to offer pray ba jammat along with other people and suddenly we see that imam is not available. So I see my brother standing at my back and asking me to step forward and take place of imam for the pray. So first I said I don’t know how to do imamat but then on my brother’s insists and I step forward and stands for imamat and while I was thinking the steps for imamat dream ended . Kindly tell me about this dream .
Waiting for your kind answer
Assallam o alaikum .
Jazak allah khair

wa `alaykum salam,
Your brother wants you to be part of a project, you are hesitating to do it. You don’t have a down payment or collateral but your brother wants you to go ahead anyway. Your brother believes you can succeed but you don’t. You should depend on Allah
and do it.
And Allah knows best.
Yassir Chadly

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