Dream: terrifying dreams


I often dream about peoples death (sometimes people I know and sometimes people I dont know in real life). Sometimes I dream that their death was my mistake and that i had killed them. ( I never see myself killing them but i know i hv done it) i try to blame it on others or i try to cover up the truth by hiding from the police or getting rid of the body but i cant seem to get rid of the body no matter what i do. sometimes my moms assisting me and sometimes im all alone. i also see alot of weddings in my dreams and a girl who i know in real life dressed in a red dress as a bride and she smiles warmly at me when she sees me.


Death represents the state effected by sin, and speaking ill of others is like killing them. Avoid sins. Weddings indicate Divine help and the bride indicates abundance in this world.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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