Dream: Travelling with shaykh Nazim


Salamvelakum syeedi

In this dream it, it was me and my mother travelling in a plane and there were 2 devils who were there only one was trying to bother me both of them sat in front of our seats I got up and went to the washroom and when I came back one devil she was sitting in my seat, I started beating her and she turned into cheese, And I look around everyone is terrified, I see a wali sitting next to me, who looks like Sh.Nazim, but I was unsure so I stood up and said to everyone, the Sultan Awliyah of this zaman says to say AuduBillahMinshaytanNirajeemBismillahErRahmnNirajeem & as i stood up to say it that wali stood up as well and it was Shaykh Nazim he just started laughing and smiling and left, and i touched his robe, and

Shukran for the interpration syeedi
Walekum as salam.


wa `alaykum salam,

Good tidings for you. with Mawlana’s power and support you are granted heavenly power to destroy evil. You will be inshaAllah a good support for tariqat of Mawlana, through you many will know about Mawlana Shaykh Nazim.

Ali ElSayed

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