Dream: Verses from Surah Ya Sin



Some time back I dreamt I was in Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s house sitting down. Mawlana came in, saw me and went inside the room. Then he took of his turban and shirt and called me to come inside and sit down in front of him. I saw his chest completely filled with light, nur… He asked me to follow after him to read these 2 verses from Surah YaSin, one verse 25 is “inni amantu birabbikum fasmaun” and verse 82 “innamaa …..kun fa yakun” . Kindly help me to understand the wisdom of this dream. Thank you.


wa `alaykum salam,

Good tidings to you! Mawlana is the true believer (Mu’min of our time). The hadith in which Prophet said: “Neither My heavens, Nor my earth can contain Me, but the heart of my believing servant contains Me” is fully manifested on him. Mawlana took your soul to the heavenly presence (light emanating from his chest) and there he asked you to recite: “Verily I believe in your Lord, so hear me… and His order is such that if He said to something be it will be”.

Ali Elsayed

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