Dream: Vicious Attack by dogs


Assalamo Aalaikum Warahmatullah Ya Syedi Ya Qutub ul Mutasarrif

My mother had a dream around the time of fajr. In the dream my brother is walking and he nudges a dog with his leg and continues to walk. After he takes a few steps the dog attacks him from behind. The owner of the dog is also there but my mother can only see the back of him. My mother looks to the direction of ┬áth eowner as to why he is not stopping the attack but he disappears. Then my mother sees that the the dog that was attacking becomes 2 dogs, and they attack so bad that in the end my mother can’t see my brother being attacked but can only hear his voice screaming in agony and pain until his voice goes weaker and weaker. Then she wakes up.

Please pray for our protection Ya Syedi


wa `alaykum salam,

Dogs in a dream represent enemies. It might mean someone is trying to harm you or your family. Seek refuge with Allah, and try to do this dhikr everyday 100 times: RabunAllah HasbunAllah.

Ali Elsayed

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