Dream: Vision of Prophet Muhammad (saw)



Sir I hope you would be fine. My problem is that I had dream about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in that dream I found myself following Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It was noon time Earth was burning and my feet were getting burned on that path because I was without slippers and I was running behind Prophet in that hot weather. After running behind Prophet I got tried and stop and also Prophet stopped and he prayed for me and feet were not burning, and dream got ended. What does this dream mean that I am good follower of Prophet or my prayers gets accepted by Allah. I don’t understand meaning of dream, can you explain to me that?


wa `alaykum salam,

Fa inna ma`al `usri yusran”  As much as you are running after Prophet (s) he is happy with you and when you get tired, he is interceding for you to help you and make your burden lighter.  Make more salawat, to be thankful.  And Allah ta`ala knows better and best.

Abdul Haqq

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