Dream: With Chisti Shaykhs


Several years ago, I dreamt on Friday night after sermon seeing Shakyhs of Chisti Order walking single file. I then saw my father’s Shakyh who is a Chisti in tariqa dressed in white next to me in a green field. He told me not to talk as the person we are going to meet is special (at that point my mind remembered the story of Khidr as and so I kept quiet). We sat with this person and he started praising the Friday sermon. Then suddenly I couldn’t hear what they were saying for a while. At that moment I thought who are you? And the answer came ‘Mubeen’ and my dream ended. Please can someone interpret what this means. Thank you.


The Chisti tariqah is true, but you had doubts about it.  Mubeen is clarifying for you that your father is following a true and good tariqah without a doubt. And to attend Friday jumu`a services is very important.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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