Akward Situation



My mum and me have always had our difference and we could argue and not talk for months or even up to a year and when I need her the most she’s never there but when they need me they expect me to be there. She always thinks she’s right and doesn’t like it when you tell her she’s wrong! The main problem is that she expects me to listen to her all the time even when I have a family of my own, and I have to put my needs behind! She also doesn’t like it when I talk to grand parents and my dad’s side of the family because she doesn’t get along with them. But its ok if my brother talks to them but gets mad at me if I do!


Wa alaikum salam Wa rahmatullahi Wa barakatuhu,

No children will be able to pay back their mother for what she had done by bringing a child into the world with the pain, sacrifice of self, time and expense from the moment they were born until her last breath. Be pleasant to your mother, be soft to her and make her happy even if you’re hurt, sad or going against your wish; and above all always pray and make du’a for her. Build a good and spiritual relationship with her.

Hajah Faridah

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