Alone with brother-in-law in the house
Alone with brother-in-law in the house


I moved to a new house and sometimes my brother-in-law will like to come and sleepover. I’m OK with it but the problem is my husband will go to work the next day and I will be alone with him at home. Is this allowed? I know it is not allowed for me to be alone with him in my house as he is not my mahram. Also, he wanted to come a few weeks back but I told my husband that it is not right as husband is going to work. My husband got angry and started accusing me things about treating his family like crap. How do I tell my in-laws and husband that it is not right for my BIL to come to my house if there is no one around without offending them or my husband?


`Alaykum Salam,
Google “brother in law is death” and let them know their religion.
Meanwhile cover when alone with the brother. By blaming you for simply mentioning the truth, your husband has taken on the burden of that sin in full.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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