Asalam alaikum,

My question is related to my cousin. She got married and she was in a relationship with someone else at the same time. I found out and she denied it and treated me as a complete stranger and gave that guy importance. Since then shes not the same with me. I’m reading tasbeehnat for her. But I don’t see any change in her behavior. Were very close and she always tells me everything. I don’t want to tell my family because If she comes to know I mentioned it she wont talk to me at all. What should I do?


`Alaykum Salam,

There must be something wrong with your cousin’s marriage that needs to be fixed, and you cannot help it. However, your duty is to your cousin. Advise her about right and wrong and tell her to repent from sinning and leave that relationship. Telling others is not good. Keep making dua for her. Allah will guide her.

Hajjah Faridah

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