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Dream: Urgent istikhara

A friend of mine just broke up from her non-Muslim boyfriend (who recently made shahadah and whom she wanted to marry) after finding out that he was cheating on her. Continue reading

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My question is related to my cousin. She got married and she was in a relationship with someone else at the same time. I found out… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: I’m in a confusion

I recently joined a construction company as a trainee quantity surveyor. Te problem is that there is a lot of cheating in the construction industry… Continue reading

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Broken Marriage

I’m a 41 yr old husband & my marriage was 15 years old. I’ve a lot of mistakes on my marriage, especially to my wife. so that my wife had no affection to me anymore, and it started from July this year… Continue reading

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Currency Trading (Forex)

I am interested in learning the currency trade. Continue reading

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