Family Problems


I’m 18, female. My parents have been married for about 22 yrs. My parents have been having problems for the last 4 yrs. My mom and dad fight everyday. And one night my mom was moving the room around and my dad told my sister to tell mom to move it around as she likes because she should be happy. My sister told our mom that dad said that their likes are different and she should do what she likes. Now they are mad at each other, and I told my sister that she needs to fix what she did. Now my mom is blaming me and dad that we hate her and my sister and our baby brother. Please help, any duah to find out whose behind these. I think its my moms sister whose telling her mauli to do black magic on our family.


See Shaykh Gibril’s advice in the Post “Harmony between parents“.

See also the answer in the Post “Black Magic and Nazar.”


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