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Salaam u alaikum ya sayiidi Hisham Kabbani. I hope you are well and your family is well.
Please could you help me with a problem i have. I have for years been thinking on the world situation and when Imam Mahdi will arrive. As sheyk Nazim has informed us, Imam mahdi could possibly come next year, if not very soon. I have been asked by my father to get married by this summer.
I am scared that i will not be able to look after a wife or child in the upcoming days of hardship, when the economies will collapse and looting and rioting will take place. I am extremely worried i might not be able to protect my wife. I do want to marry, but i am scared that , war breaks out, how will i protect my wife and family.
Ya sayyidi what should i do?.


`Alaykum as-Salam,

The Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, said that if someone held a green shoot in his hand and was about to plant then sees that the Day of Resurrection is rising, he should strive to plant it nevertheless. (Ahmad, Abu Dawud al-Tayalisi, al-Bukhari in al-Adab al-Mufrad and others).

Strive to meet your Lord in a state of purity and religion which marriage helps achieve.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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