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Why are Haqqanis fighting?

why are the khulafa fighting? some people are blaming mawlana shaykh Hisham for things, others are saying “we are the real representatives of mawlana shaykh nazim”, and all? Continue reading

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Salawat Tunjina

I need to overcome calamity, looking for job and have to my exam for Certification. I need your help! please advised me what I need to do… Continue reading

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Dream: A creature

I dreamt I am driving night time (i think going towards home) a man tells me to be careful and asks me to take a different route (this time i am walking) which is faster. I take his advice and walk and keep reading Ayat Al Kursi or the 3 Kuls but i am not sure. So i keep walking and when i am taking a turn i see a black goat and i stop (its morning now) coz for a min an keep reading, then goat which turns to a creature moves aside and goes under water (a small pond) when i turn i see that the creature has turned white under water, i wave at it (like a good bye) and walk then i see the creature is helping my kids (3 kids but i am unmarried) and then i woke up. What does it mean?
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Dream: Super Storm Coming !!
Rêve: Arrivée d’une super tempête

I dreamt that a voice was telling me what will happen and a Kitab was shown and there was no escape from east to west as a super storm is approaching.[fr]J’ai rêvé qu’une voix me disait ce qui allait arriver et un Kitab a été dévoilé et il n’y avait aucun moyen de s’échapper d’Est…[/fr] Continue reading

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Rêve: Arrivée d’une super tempête

Help On Marriage

I have been asked by my father to get married by this summer. Continue reading

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