Dream: A creature


I dreamt I am driving night time (i think going towards home) a man tells me to be careful and asks me to take a different route (this time i am walking) which is faster. I take his advice and walk and keep reading Ayat Al Kursi or the 3 Kuls but i am not sure. So i keep walking and when i am taking a turn i see a black goat and i stop (its morning now) coz for a min an keep reading, then goat which turns to a creature moves aside and goes under water (a small pond) when i turn i see that the creature has turned white under water, i wave at it (like a good bye) and walk then i see the creature is helping my kids (3 kids but i am unmarried) and then i woke up. What does it mean?


wa `alaykum salam,

That dream is an indication to avoid following the masses and to stick to the way of safety in the Last Days, when as the Prophet (s) predicted:

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Ab? M?s? al-Asha`r? related that the Prophet (s) said:

Before the Last Hour there will be afflictions like patches of a dark night in which a man will be a believer in the morning and an unbeliever in the evening, or a believer in the evening and an unbeliever in the morning. He who sits during them will be better than he who stands, and he who walks during them is better than he who runs. So break your bows, cut your bowstrings and strike your swords on stones. If people then come in to one of you, let him be like the better of Adam’s two sons (i.e. death is better than getting involved in the fitna). (Sunan Ab? D?w?d, “Kit?b Al-Fitan Wa Al-Mal?him”#4246)

So keep to oneself, stay home, as Shaykh Hisham has often emphasized from this hadith that the one sitting (at home) is better than the one standing (to observe what is happening in the streets) and the one standing is better than the one walking (to participate). So recite what you were reciting in the dream after each Salat and stay away from those who call to debate, demonstrate or participate in things not sanctioned clearly and specifically by our spiritual guides. The result will be you develop your three levels of religion: Islam, Iman and Ihsan, as symbolized by the three children.

W ‘Allahu `alam,

Taher Siddiqui

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