Husband loves dunya


As-Salaamu alaykum

Our biggest problem is that he loves Dunya, listens music, talks only about money and he is very materialistic. And yes he doesn’t pray, sometimes goes jumu’ah, fasts ┬áRamadan but doesn’t pray then.

We have 3 children. I take the boys to masjid weekly to learn Qur’an and to see men who follow sunnah. 6-year-old knows 22 surahs, 4-year-old 4. My husband says children shouldn’t study Arabic or Qur’an because he thinks it disturbs their dunya related studies. My biggest child starts school soon. He is clever, and I see studying Qur’an is important to him.

So what should I do when my husband demands things not teaching Islam to children, whereas he doesn’t support family with halal money (he sells alcohol and pig meat) and doesn’t pray?

Can my husband forbid me to take our kids to masjid?


wa `alaykum salam,

Advise your husband that he should pray and that he should get halal income. Intend that whatever income is used to sustain the house, food etc. is halal.

He cannot stop you from teaching Islam to your children since the pursuit of religious knowledge is a fard (obligation) for each and every Muslim. Patience and wisdom in your difficult situation will help open the doors of repentence for your husband and of Paradise for yourself.

Repeat after every Salat the du`a: Ya Muqallib al-qulubi wal-absar x100 to
that intention.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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