I want my parents to love me


I want my parents to love me. They are very harsh and my father used to beat me. They don’t care for me. I am tired of disturbed family relationship. They dont respect me or love me, not even listen to me. Sometimes I have to steal money from home so I can fulfill my needs. I used to live with my uncle aunty before and I came to live with them when I was 14 yrs old. Since then they are abusing and fighting with me.


Mistreatment does not mean love is not there, but sometimes people are in a bad state and unable to express love or even act out of love. They may be in need of love themselves, so they cannot share it with others. Have patience and turn to Allah and His Beloved Prophet who has inheritors who represent that infinite ocean of mercy and love in creation. Find a circle of dhikr in your area and attend it on a regular basis. In sha Allah you will find ways to forgive and move on to build up your heart with what is best in this world and the next.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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