Japanese doll and knotted thread


As-Salaamu alaikyum wr,

My mother has an old Japanese doll which she was given whilst in Japan. I have been pointing out that it is a negative thing to have in the house for a while, which has caused heavy contentions. She agreed to move it after about a year and she now keeps it in her bedroom. When she moved it, a person from Japan got in touch out of the blue. I have a mind to break it, as I believe it is a very negative thing that is bringing evil. What should I do?

Also, I stayed in India for some years. Mawlana Shaiykh Hisham mentioned the man was an honourable person as he was sayyid. As a taweez followers wore a black knotted thread which he or someone else blew on. Should I burn it and pictures I have?

Requesting Mawlana’s Prayers
Thank you,

Ma Salaama.


Alaykum Salam,

Quit what causes doubts and misgivings and cling to what brings peace of mind. If in doubt destroy it by burning it and burying it or throwing it into a river.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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