Living in a place full of statues


please answer for sake of Allah and Prophet
I’m an English convert. I live in Turkey with my kids. We live in a town in Istanbul near the sea. The people are rich. There’s statues of people and animals nearly everywhere. They are very big and I’m scared to live here because of Allah’s Punishment on this place and people. I’m Shaykh Nazim’s murid. My husband doesn’t pray either. What should me and my kids do? We got no where else to go. Do you advise us to stay here or move? If we move then to where? Same country or another country or back to the UK by the dergah? When should we leave to be with the true ones? Pray for it to be possible to leave and be in safety.


wa `alaykum salam,

Be patient and advise your husband in a gentle and respectful way of his obligation to pray. If you cannot move elsewhere, stay where you are and keep your family together. Recite A’udhubillah and Bismillah 100x each daily.

Insha-Allah, Istanbul is blessed and al-Mahdi (a.s.) will be there to retrieve the Prophetic Trusts.

Abdul Shakur

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