Can I make her agree to marry me?


I love a girl. She refuses to marry me because I am shorter and she leads a modern life which I don’t like. She believes “as she is beautiful she’ll get smart boys so why would marry me?” Her parents like her lifestyle. Mother wishes to marry her to rich guy. If she marries me, I’ll stop her bad deeds. I want to marry and change her so I can lead her to Jannat and we can be together there. No guy will want to lead her in such good way to heaven except me. I can’t move on without her. Parents won’t accept my marriage proposal because she’ll get married to a less imandar, rich guy. The only way they can accept me is if she convinces them that she wants to marry me. I’ll face troubles if I marry her but I can change her by Allah’s help.


How do you know you are the who will change her and not vice versa? Have you considered that you simply might not be suited for each other?

As the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) said, men marry women for four reasons: beauty, wealth, lineage and religion. His advice was: Make sure you marry the one with strong religion and you will be happy. That is the best advice by far.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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