Confused about what to do


Salam Alaykum Shaykh

I need advice please. My husband gave talaq. I asked him to get back together. He says that it’s not that he does not want to get back, but that he cannot. I have made istikhara and dreamt of us reconciling, taking a trip on a ship, and me performing sa’yi. Should I give him time to come around? Or should I carry on without him? He says he does not feel comfortable around me. I have a lot of anger because he was in contact with another woman in our marriage and it bothers me. Please advise what I can do. Jazaakallaah


Alaykum Salam,
Hajj erases sins like tawba and these are the two meanings of your dream, while the ship signifies Tariqa and the trip is change.

You have both indicated that you love each other and want to get back together. You have stated at the tail-end of your message that you have a lot of anger because of “another woman”. Whatever the case – lawful or unlawful relationship – which you failed to define in this mention, anger is not a recipe for marital harmony so if you want reconciliation ask Allah to take anger away and replace it with the spousal affection you both want. Recite ya Haleem ya Wadud x100 daily and give both of yourselves time.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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