Conversion and marriage difficulties


I always wanted to convert, it was done in a rush, her mom wanted us to marry since we were going to live abroad. Years ago my wife taught me some fundamentals of Islam, but I felt like before I pray and accomplish all my deeds, I had to understand more the faith and let it grow in my heart. However times have been hard financially, also my wife wanted to become somebody professionally, so we both went our ways and let our feelings fade.

This experience has completed to open my heart and find the way of Allah. How can I show her that I am honest, put us in a place where we can start clear , let our feelings grow back and show her that I want to be a good Imam and husband for her although I still have a lot to learn?


Write her and keep communications open so that you may continue to grow and learn. At the same time your experience may have shown that you were merely incompatible and maybe Allah will send someone else your way, if she shows no interest. In any case try to find a good community, make dhikr and be with the truthful ones. Allah will not disappoint you.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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