I need help


Been married for 3 years. My wife is caring and loving lady. She had a lot of expectations in mind from me which were though simple but I could not fulfill. The only problem with her is that she gets angry too quickly and gets out of control. She has mentioned divorce repeatedly but I guess she doesn’t mean it. I care about her and love her and try to keep her as per her wishes but even if a slightest problems arise she start talking about all the past issues and say things to the extent of humiliation. She yells and then starts crying. She is going through a little emotional and health problems as well, though not severe. I’m not superstitious but there may be a chance one is trying to harm our marriage through evil. I want this marriage to last forever. Please pray for me and recommend “wazifa


Continue to show love, patience and tender respect. Recite ya Haleem x100 daily. Give her flowers or a small gift on a regular basis and gold once a year. In sha Allah it will get better.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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