Assalam Alaikum Shaikh Nazim,Shaikh Hisham,Shaikh Adnan and all eshaykh staff..

plz forgive me oh beloved shuyukh for lack of adab. i am the worst of all i know but i have no where to go except u..kindly help me become a good muslimah..i am married second husband sent message on fone saying he wants talaq from me almost three times and once he said he is giving me i divorced??..also plz i request u to do istikhara for a religious guy i have talked to..i would be very glad to have him as my husband though i know i am not suitable for him..but through him i can reform my self and my children..i sincerely intend to marry him..i want to give up duniya..i want to come close to Allah..i sincerely beg forgiveness..

jazakallah khair.


Alaykum Salam,

Istighfar from the heart is accepted. Leave dunya through your fard salat, and a good life that pleases Allah. Divorce through text message is invalid as the speaker has to be verifiable without a doubt.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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